Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How to choose a French Bulldog

As soon as we decided that we wanted a dog to join our life, we faced the daunting task of choosing the breed that will best match our character and lifestyle. After hours of sweeping through dozens of descriptions, dog blogs (welcome to all who are in the same position right now), veterinary advice, pictures and kennel clubs we came across the picture of a French Bulldog – WOW. Even without having read anything about them, we felt from the picture that there was something special that drew us back to the picture every time. 

After having researched more about the breed we were convinced that this is the one for us – smart, sophisticated, bred to be a companion to man, fun-loving and active dog. Of course, we did not ignore some of the issues with these lovely Frenchies (ie. small nostrils), but at the end of the day the loving character, loyalty, intelligence and warm heart make it a privilege to care for them.

The next big quest was to find the right breeder and to find “the one”, see the next post for more.